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AGM Reports

Our most recent AGM was held at Chilbolton Village Hall on 16th June 2023.

The following Members were re-elected:

  • CHAIR                  Andrew Flanagan (proposed: Brenda Bryant, seconded Beryl Lawrence)
  • VICE-CHAIR       Richard Jukes (proposed: Andrew Flanagan, seconded Mary Gee)
  • SECRETARY         Brenda Bryant (proposed: Judith Herridge, seconded Lynne Eddy)
  • TREASURER        David Fellowes (proposed: Brenda Bryant, seconded Richard Richardson)
  • PROGRAM SEC.  Dave Walton (proposed: Judith Herridge, seconded Richard Richardson)
  • PLUS         Judith Herridge & Mike Gee (proposed: Beryl Lawrence, seconded Lesley Brown)

The following Reports were presented to the meeting

  • Chairman’s Report

This report covered varied aspects of group activity for the 12-month period from June 2022 to June 2023. The report concluded by thanking the Committee for all their hard work, including special thanks to:
Dave Walton, who year after year compiles an excellent programme of talks & walks.
David Fellowes, for preparing our accounts on an ‘accruals (forecast cashflow) basis.
Janet Gray, who has done the lion’s share of work to enhance the catalogue.
Judith Herridge & Richard Jukes who have held almost weekly photo ID sessions.
Steve Logan, who has volunteered with video editing
Mike Gee for being Andrew’s right-hand man.
Paul Foster for his generous help with donations and commissions arising from the exhibition of Audrey Hansford watercolours.

  • Treasurer’s Report

The Income & Expenditure account showed a net surplus of £637.04. Total income was £1,932.60 comprising £1,130 (subscriptions) £205 (door receipts) £427.60 (sale of cards and pictures) and £170 (donations). Total expenditure was £1,295.56 comprising £480 (speaker fees) £261.10 (hall hire & Zoom) £436.70 (website) £66.76 (bank charges) and £51 (sundries). Net Assets at 31st March 2023 totalled £1,310.59

  • Program Secretary’s Report

We are continuing the format for speaker meeting venues, where 3 are held at Wherwell, 3 at Chilbolton and 3 by Zoom. This seems to be working well and is fair as 1/3 of our membership live in Chilbolton, with 1/3 in Wherwell and the remainder in surrounding areas. The Zoom meetings also allow us to book speakers from anywhere, (inc. Vermont, USA in April last year), it reduces our costs for speaker travel expenses and members can view talks from home in the cold Winter months. See link below for our 2023 and 2024 programmes.

  • Webmaster’s Report

During the period since the previous AGM, 115 new catalogue folders were created. Total number of acquisitions since 2008 is 702. Significant contributions originate from the archives of the Wherwell Singers and Margaret Harrison. The latter includes DVDs of significant events in Chilbolton, such as Farewell Party for Errol & Sue Williams, Chilbolton Players, Remembrance Services at Stonefield Park and Village Life in 1960s Chilbolton. Mike Gee has also contributed some video footage of events in Wherwell, including a 40th birthday party at Ivy Cottage, Peggy Beasley 94th birthday party, Simpson’s Quintet, visits by Wherwell School to the Priory and selected houses in Wherwell and interviews with Bill Bowley in 2016 & 2017. Other topics include Iremonger family, Desert Island Hymns, Open Gardens 2010, Last day at William Stewart Hair Design, Ellacombe Chime 200th Event, Wherwell School, Chilbolton Action Group, Parchments at Wherwell Priory and Chilbolton Land Tax Assessment 1799.

There are 1042 items in our online catalogue, which includes 290 Chilbolton Wall Hanging items. About 100 of these items are new entries, covering years 2019 to 2023. The remaining items, covering years 2008 to 2018, were automatically created from an Excel spreadsheet when our new website was first built. About 70% of these migrated items are in an unfinished state – awaiting detailed classification (eg: description, date and subjects) and the upload of associated images & documents. Janet Gray has completed work on 186 items, with David Etchells and other Committee members completing 91 items.

  • Website Analytics

We use Google Analytics to produce quarterly visitor reports for the new website. To date we have had:
• Over 6500 users, of which about 97% are classified as ‘new’
• Daily usage steadily climbing to between 10 and 30.
• Geographically, 80% (UK), 10% (USA), 1.7% (Australia), 1% (China & Canada), 0.6% (Germany & Ireland)
• By towns, 25% (London), 16% (Andover, Stockbridge & Winchester), 6% (North Hampshire & Salisbury)
• The most popular pages are Home page, Search the Archive, and featured sections for History, WHG Programme, Galleries & Photographs, Years 2022 & 2023 (online Community Magazine), Scrapbooks, Contact us, Events and Research Materials.

In summary, since launch, our website helpers have uploaded 1430 images, 290 documents, created 270 catalogue items (plus 290 special entries relating to the Chilbolton Wall Hanging) and published 124 articles (aka: WordPress posts).


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