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Wherwell History - a short quiz

Twelve questions with the answers appended in a footnote 

  1. The Wherwell Cockatrice is described as a vile creature which was hatched by a toad from a (1a) and turned into a (1b). It grew to an enormous size and had an insatiable appetite.
  2. Deadman’s Plack in Harewood Forest records the treacherous murder of Earl Athelwold in AD 963 by King (2a) who later married Queen (2b)
  3. In the grounds of Wherwell Priory is a plaque dated AD 1649 which records here was the monastery of Wherwell demolished by the seale or avarice of King (3a)
  4. The church of St Peter & Holy Cross was built over the foundations of an earlier Norman church. In which year was it consecrated? (4a)
  5. Which well-known family ((5a)) has a mausoleum in Wherwell churchyard
  6. The railway from Fullerton to Hurstbourne opened in 1885, closed to passenger traffic in 1931 and closed completely in 1956. In 1927, Longparish Station was a location for the film (6a), written by (6b) (later Private Godfrey in Dad’s Army)
  7. The Wherwell Cyclecar was a simple friction-driven machine built by the Thompson brothers. The makers claimed 75 mpg and top speed of 50mph. What was the sales price in 1920? (7a) (£6765 today)
  8. Name the two branches of Methodist church in Wherwell  (8a) & (8b)
  9. James Tovey, a well-known member of the Methodist congregation, lived in Tovey’s cottage, opposite the Smithy. His occupation was cordwainer – what is this? (9a)
  10. The Tuke family had a long association with Freelands. Both Sir Anthony Favill Tuke (1920-2001) and his father Anthony William Tuke (1897-1975) were Chairman of the Board of (10a) Bank
  11. A collection box for Andover Food Bank has been placed inside the Wherwell Bus shelter. The date on the plaque above the entrance is (11a).
  12. Wherwell and Chilbolton both had church schools, up the Old Hill and next to Chilbolton rectory. In (12a), they merged into one new school in Longparish Road.

(1a) duck egg  (1b) kind of dragon (2a) King Edgar  (2b) Queen Elfrida (3a) King Henry VIII  (4a) 1859 (5a) Iremonger  (6a) The Ghost Train (6b) Arnold Ridley  (7a) £130 (8a) Primitive  (8b) Wesleyan (9a) shoe maker (10a) Barclays Bank (11a) Coronation 1937 (12a) 1929

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