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Year 2018

Eleven editions of the village magazine published in 2018

Monthly editorials followed by links to PDF download files

Editorial by Andrew Keevil ( December 2018)

Welcome to another bumper Christmas and New Year issue. You will find, as ever, a plentiful selection of festive services, concerts and parties. There are also opportunities to sing carols, make crafts and buy presents. But we also delve into Christmas past, and have located a range of places to go for a vegan alternative to Christmas dinner this year. If you want to know what a flexitarian is and what the benefits are, read on! The magazine team wish you a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2019.

Editorial by Lucia Foster-Found (November 2018)

The shades of golden autumn fade. That glow ahead? It’s Christmas! With dwindling daylight and tumbling temperatures, November is upon us; a time of reflection and Remembrance. Happily, also much to enthral and entertain, including (but not limited to) Christmas fairs, films, quizzes, history talk, WI’s Suffering Suffragettes production, WHG charity evening, skittles and even dog racing. Exhilarating. And.. Winter is coming, so buy your kindling and support a turtle-y good cause!

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan ( October 2018)

Welcome to October, meaning either the eight month in the Roman Calendar or the month of the Winter full moon (Old English). Lots of articles from regular and new contributors, including history, nature, a recipe, a moving poem and Mission journeys with the Kevin Lay Foundation. Plenty of activity this month (and next!) with talks, films, ‘Food Security’, ‘Arrivals and Departures’, ‘Pet Service’, two (!) Beetle Drives and Chiltoberfest – live music, great food and real ales, which this year is under cover. Finally, there is a special centre-page pullout for ‘Useful Medical Contact Numbers’.

Editorial by Andrew Keevil ( September 2018)

This month’s magazine reflects the fact that we are now in the holiday season. Whilst there are no parish council minutes we have some great wildlife coverage with the return of the wildlife report, a flower festival and a fascinating article on the slow worm. There are several harvest festival services planned and lots of entertainment from amateur dramatics and music to interesting talks on a wide range of subjects.

Editorial by Tessa Youell (August 2018)

Today is the first cool day for well over a month, though still no rain. Lawns may be dried to a crisp but wild flowers are thriving, and so are bumble bees and butterflies. Insect activity apart, midsummer quiet seems to have descended upon our villages. What events there are this month have a distinct food and gardening theme – The now famous ‘Trout ‘n About’ in Stockbridge, Origins Open Day in Fullerton, and our own annual Flower and Produce show.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (July 2018)

So it’s July, the summer Solstice has passed, could it be downhill from now on? Of course not! We have Brass Showtime, Ladies BBQ and big name choirs and speakers coming to the Winchester Festival. In a year which remembers 100 years since the 1918 Armistice, there will be an increasing number of events with a military theme. This month, we have the Harmonium Singers and a talk on the African Soldier. Aside from events, we have interesting articles on joining a Brass Band, foxes on Chilbolton Common and a recipe from New Zealand.

Editorial by Lucia Foster-Found (June 2018)

England’s fantastic, if fleeting, Summer is upon us and longed-for longer days are here. Yay! Enjoy them while they last, as the nights start to draw in after the Solstice on 21st. Still, plenty of distractions for these lazy, hazy days; fabulous fetes in both of our glorious villages (lots of ways to help), Benefice picnic, open gardens and a ragwort pull. Tempting pamper evening for the ladies and a film for all. Herein also, interesting article on plastic and the latest buzz on the bees.

Editorial by Andrew Keevil (May 2018)

As I write, it is 25 degrees, people are walking around in shorts and T-shirts and the Hampshire countryside at its glorious best. What a change from only a month ago when we were carpeted in white. We have plenty of activities to make the most of the good weather in the May edition. There are several fetes, a forest run, open gardens and Morris dancing just for starters. But if the weather does turn it is good to know we have several movies, concerts, talks and events all scheduled indoors. Whatever your preference, enjoy!

Editorial by Tessa Youell (April 2018)

As I write, the countryside is once more carpeted in white. So much for an early spring! We hear that the sudden Arctic temperatures will deplete insect numbers and our garden birds will be short of vital protein. Happily, the weather hasn’t depleted the energy and creativity in our villages. This is another 40pp edition, with films, music and parties galore in store, and perhaps most significantly, not one but two calls to re-ignite the Thespian spirit within us.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (March 2018)

With Winter almost behind us, we can look forward to events this month and next. Perhaps an early Easter and a mid-month Mothering Sunday herald a bright and early Spring? There are lots of articles in this 40-page edition, across the spectrum of exciting through to reflective. Make a date in your diary for an Auction, Charity Party, films, history, jumble sale, quilts, quizzes, a Spring mini-show and Ubiquitous Theatre. Read about golden Pilates, the Home Guard in Fullerton, your village shop and “chocolate chickens have feelings”!  Enjoy.

Editorial by Lucia Foster-Found (February 2018)

Considered by many people to be the first day of Spring, Imbolc, or the feast of St Brigid on February 1st heralds longer, brighter days. Whilst there’s time still for snow not yet fallen, the last blast of Winter surely has Spring in its sights. Herewith Parish news, Church dates – and whatever the weather, there are films, fundraisers and music aplenty to entertain, together with bingo, quiz, jumble sale and talks. Media-friendly grandparents should take note and ‘Wherwell-ians’, a questionnaire for you…

The magazine for January is published with the preceding December, as a double issue.

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Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2018))

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