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Year 2020

Eleven editions of the village magazine published in 2020

Monthly editorials followed by links to PDF download files

Editorial by Lucia Foster-Found (December 2020)

So here it is, Merry Christmas! Yuletide is upon us and this year, like the traditional tub of chocolates that will inhabit a lot of people’s sitting rooms, it’s a bit of a mixture. In your magazine this month; details on how you can support Wherwell Primary School by buying your Christmas tree from them, some festive poetry, a couple or 3 movies and an interesting article on our local vineyard and winery. As I write this, lockdown is due to lift on 2nd December – here’s hoping that goes to plan and we can all find some seasonal cheer in small and maybe unexpected ways. Please give a thought to the food bank if you can.

Editorial by Tessa Youell (November 2020)

A slim magazine this month but lots of interest, in particular for the outdoorsy among us. A little autumnal gardening to be done, a questionnaire on rewilding your garden, another enjoyable local walk, and a map of King Alfred’s Way, a new 350km off-road cycle, riding and walking route around Hampshire. Christmas isn’t far away. There won’t be the usual razzmatazz, and for some there’ll be little to celebrate – as demands on the foodbank testify – but fortunately for our two villages, Chilbolton stores is always full of good cheer, great coffee and Nicky’s delicious cakes. Good to see Stockbridge Cinema back in action too.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (October 2020)

October, the Harvest month. I have read that this year there will be a bumper crop of apples and the Mag Team are delighted to be delivering to you a bumper 40-page edition. Again, there is no Diary Dates section, but we do have What’s On, plus Annual Meetings, Church Services, Harvest Festival, History Talks and Stockbridge Films; all making a (very!) tentative return. Elsewhere, in these pages, you can read about bats, bees, Chilbolton Chuggers, David’s walk, Freelands, gardens and finishing with a lovely tribute to Ray Blazdell.

Editorial by Andrew Keevil (September 2020)

It is good to see village activities gradually returning as our facilities re-open. Whilst we are all taking huge care to stay safe, we are discovering the art of the possible in a socially distanced world. At present the magazine is still not publishing diary dates, but ‘What’s On’ lists a growing number of events in our gardens and indoor venues such as village halls and theatres. For those staying in we have some engrossing reads this month, from wartime letters to the plight of endangered mammals. For those going out, another in our series of guided village walks.

Editorial by Lucia Foster-Found (August 2020)

1st August brings Lammas Day – from the old English ‘hlaf’ meaning loaf and ‘maess’ meaning mass or feast. A Pagan celebration to mark the beginning of the harvest, like many other festivals it was adopted by the early Christian church. Loaves of bread were baked from the first-ripened grain and brought to the church for consecration. In spite of the current challenges, there are things to enjoy in August; the National Garden scheme has re-opened, likewise the Home Guard Club and the local pubs. We can take advantage of the summer weather to walk the local pathways, prune our hedges – apparently – and gather in our own harvests. Summer Garden Bounty Salad anyone? Yum!

Editorial by Tessa Youell (July 2020)

While restrictions are easing, shops and cinemas are opening, for many of us the great outside feels a safer bet. For lovers of nature, there are fascinating articles on the cuckoo and the red kite, a celebration of dragonflies and damselflies, and two great walks – one around Broughton by Mike Dangerfield, and another around Chilbolton in the series by David Griffiths. Also by David, is his final report as Chairman of Chilbolton Parish Council. After the second of two long stints, he must be one of the longest serving CPC chairmen, if not the longest. We’re indebted to him for all his hard work, and for keeping us informed and entertained by his monthly reports. Thank you David!

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (June 2020)

Another month of ‘lockdown’, another month without any Diary dates and another month when our Community Support Groups and Chilbolton Village Shop have been doing a brilliant job. The lockdown appears to have sparked a creative streak; this month we have poems by Roger Jones and Amanda Spice, a circular village walk from David Griffiths and two interesting historical articles, C17th Plague and C18th village life, from Alan Crisp. On the fund raising front, we feature Andover Food Bank, Chilbolton Pre-School and a ‘thank you’ from the Short Mat Bowls Club. Following on from VE Day last month, we have a wartime recipe and an article about Fullerton Mill. Enjoy and Stay Safe.

Editorial by Andrew Keevil (May 2020)

Our villages have never known a time quite like this and it is wonderful to see how well the community has pulled together. Those who can get out are fortunate to be able to exercise in such a beautiful place. It is great to see people out walking and cycling (at a safe distance). Given current restrictions, the magazine this month is digital only. Details of how to sign up for email updates about local matters from the Chilbolton and Wherwell Webmaster can be found on page 22. Unsurprisingly few events are planned, but we cover new initiatives such as the Chilbolton Coronavirus Support Group and the Grow Your Own Group. Plus, we have poetry and plenty of recognition for the vital contributions made by local people and key workers. Stay safe.

Editorial by Lucia Foster-Found (April 2020)

What to say..? Please note the Covid-19 Helpline information and forms for both Wherwell and Chilbolton on pages 3-7. I’m afraid that, inevitably, various events have thus far been cancelled this month, together with all Church services and related activities. On the upside, Spring has arrived with birdsong and blossom, Easter is at hand and we’re so lucky to live where we do, with such supportive friends and neighbours. Stay well everyone.

Editorial  by Tessa Youell (March 2020)

Another bumper issue – it hasn’t been possible to fit in all the articles! The preservation of the natural world, and our beleaguered wildlife, is a strong theme in this issue; even our rabbit population has diminished. At the meeting in CVH on 1st March, we can learn how we can help by taking part in the Community Wilding project. Meanwhile, daffodils are just beginning to appear, and to entertain us this month, there is the superb ‘Official Secrets’ at CVH, as well as other films and a play in Stockbridge.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (February 2020)

Here is your bumper 40-page issue to kick off the new decade, full of reports and details of talks, films, music, etc. Simon Mason delivers a thoughtful and topical New Year message. There are some meaty Parish Council reports and a reminder that the public consultation for the Chilbolton Neighbourhood Development plan ends on 21st February. With uplifting reports from Bin the Incinerator, Chilbolton Pre-School, Greener Villages; good news about car parking charges in Andover, Six-nations Rugby and two fish-and-chip events, there is plenty to whet your appetite.

The magazine for January is published with the preceding December, as a double issue.

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Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2020)

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