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Years 2000 - 2008

Selected editions of the village magazine published in years 2000 to 2008

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Editorial by Ken Churchill (February 2007)

Another New Year and a new magazine. Well not quite new but we have rearranged some of the pages and their content. This one is new and replaces the first page in previous magazines. Information and contacts that were included on that page can now be found either here or on the new page called Church Matters or in the Contacts page at the back.
Before Errol left I expressed my concern to him that the magazine may be at risk because we could lose the content generated by him. I suggested that we needed to find a few people that would not only replace that potential loss but add new material and hopefully increase the scope and interest in the magazine. It would also be wise to look for help with the production of the magazine to spread the load and again protect it’s future.

We now have a team and I am sure that through it the future of magazine is secure and it will expand in content and interest. However it is your magazine and it really does need your help to provide the articles to make this happen. Within the team David Waghorn has taken over the task of printing the magazine which is a great help. David Wright is firmly established as the coordinator for Wherwell and all the content for the magazine from Wherwell now comes though him. We now want to do the same for Chilbolton and Victoria Ramsay has offered to coordinate Chilbolton entries. Therefore all items from Chilbolton for the magazine should now go to her, by the 15th please and if you are able to send it by e-mail as a word document it would help. This just leaves the task of finding someone to take over the role of editor and the task that I agreed with Errol is complete!

So I guess we may just have a “new” magazine this year.


Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2007)

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