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"Hear My Voice" - Poems

A selection of poems from the booklet “Hear My Voice” written by children at Wherwell Primary School in 1996.

Game Gear GamesClare Childs (9)
Remote Control CarScott Blackmore (9)
At The ZooJonathon Watch (10)
Old ManEdward Randall (11)
HomelessKirsty Fennell (11)
FlyingTroy Scott (9)
Christopher Pearce (9)
What Is Blue?Paul Spencer (10)
What is Red?Miriam Gray (8)
What Is Yellow?Richard Boden (10)
What Is White?Tom Starbuck (9)
New SchoolMadeleine Uren (10)
Fry UpsJonathan Hopwood (9)
Animal Ingredients For A SharkTom Earnshaw (9)
Animal Ingredients For A MonsterUnknown
For A SheepdogSam Wheeler (9)
My MumJes James (9)
My MumShawn Mayfield (10)
The Rest Of The Day You Can PlayAlice Burnfield (10)
Here Comes The RainCharlotte Christison (9)
SnowIsobel Coulson (9)
Helen Wilkins (9)
Clare Childs (9)



Gaze in joy, for Christmas is here,
A fabulous thing, sitting there,
My head is filled with excitement,
Excellent game it looked like.

Golden wrapping paper on it,
Expression on my smiling face,
A big, nice kiss for Mum and Dad,
Really pleased with what I got.

Gradually I had a go,
A marvellous gift it was,
Made me very happy,
Entertainment in my mind,
Sonic in a racing car on the front.

Clare Childs (9)
Wherwell Primary School


Racing down the hall,
Every day, I am playing with it.
Making the television fuzz.
Over off-road surfaces.
Taking care not to crash.
Endlessly recharging the batteries.

Caring not to drive through mud, sand or water.
On the off-road surfaces.
Never failing in stunts.
Taking it indoors when it starts to rain.
Racing past obstacles I put out
Over curbs no matter high.
Leaving the mud alone.

Curving round chairs,
And bags.
Roaring down the road.

Scott Blackmore (9)
Wherwell Primary School


Attacked me
Bought an Iguana
Called D
Dived for cover
Electrocuted the Snake
Followed the Fox
Got locked in the toilet
Helped D
Ignored the others
Jumped for cover
Killed the Tarantula
Lit a stick for defence
Melted the ice cream
Nicked the lion
Opened the weapon shed
Pulled the door open
Quite the job
Ran for his life
Sank in the shark-infested water
Took a blow torch
Untied his shoelace
Vomited all over the zoo
Watched the Snake
X-rayed the Tiger
Yelled for help
Zipped his zip up.

Jonathon Watch (10)
Portway Junior School


Old and crinkled,
Wise and watchful,
His pale, white hair,
Is like snow,
His fingers gently tremor.
Old and crinkled,
Wise and watchful,
Skin as rough as gravel,
Worming eyes,
Happy face.

Edward Randall (11)
Wherwell Primary School


A girl is walking
down the street,
with nothing on her
cold, sore feet.

A t-shirt, and a
pair of jeans,
this girl is barely
in her teens.

A pile of papers
where she once sat,
as neglected as
an old stray cat.

The girl wanders on
she has no home,
she just keeps walking
all alone.

This girl has nothing,
no place to stay,
and for the rest of her life
she’ll be a lonely stray.

Kirsty Fennell (11)
North Baddesley Junior School


All day I dream about swooping and sliding in the moonlit sky.
Soaring smoothly in the scattered fresh air.
Gliding and looping as high as the treetops.
Leaping like frogs, right up to the sun.
I dream, I dream
Like something’s just begun.

Troy Scott (9)
Christopher Pearce (9)
North Baddesley Junior School


Blue is cold,
Cold as stone,
Blue is loneliness,
All on its own.
Blue is lifeless
And still.
Blue is sadness,
Blue feels dull
And down.
Blue is a tear,
Soft and gentle.
Blue is the sky
On a Summer’s day,
Blue is a flower
That wilts away.

Paul Spencer (10)
Merdon Junior School


An angry fire burning,
Someone lying in a lonely field,
Blood pouring out.
A burning face staring out at you,
A misty smell lingers around.
Stones falling down, down into a
Hot, orange fire.

Miriam Gray (8)
Wherwell Primary School


Yellow is a daffodil,
That gleams in a meadow,
Yellow is sand,
That moves in between your toes.
Yellow is a sun
That shines in the day,
Yellow is a milkshake,
That pops in your mouth,
Yellow is a ball,
That you kick around.
Yellow is a happy thought
That you don’t want to hide away.

Richard Boden (10)]
Merdon Junior School


A seagull grooming itself on a cliff top,
A person lying on the floor, uncomfortable.
A ghostly ghost tries to haunt me.
The seagull pecks me with his beak.
I’m in heaven.

Tom Starbuck (9)
Wherwell Primary School


One day at home my parents said,
“Tomorrow’s a school day, don’t forget”.

I thought it would be fun to go
And so I did not know,
Just how much work they give you to do.

Kill the talk, sing your best,
Learn your spellings for the test.

Just be quiet, write a prayer,
Work your hardest and take care.

Clean the floor, it’s a mess,
Will the people please confess?

Come on now, on your way,
Behave like angels all the day.

Do not run in the class
Try and learn so you will pass.

In the hall, you must not eat
Some carrots and some knitted meat.

Drink your milk, eat your crisps,
Do not tease because of lisps.

Do your work in your pairs,
Use all four legs on your chair.

There were so many rules,
I was sure to forget,
So I asked Mrs Kemp if she would let
Me write them down, off the top of my head,
“Yes” she said, and this is how they read:

Kill the teacher, sing your test,
Do some talking with the rest.

Just be noisy, forget the prayers,
Don’t do work and don’t take care!

Clean the hall, it’s a crisp,
Will the people start to lisp.

Come on milk, on your prayer,
Would you like to start to share?

Do not try, in the mess
And start to pull her hair, Bess.

In the chair, you must tease,
Some knitted spellings and some cheese.

Drink your work, eat your pair,
Draw some angels in despair.

Do your talk, in your hair,
Use two legs of your chair.

Madeleine Uren (10)
Wherwell Primary School


Freddy Fryball fried his eyeball
While frying fast food
In a frying pan.

Jonathan Hopwood (9)
Wherwell Primary School


It needs:
It has teeth like razors,
It can smell as well as a bloodhound,
A head like the top of the lamp post.
It needs a body like a streamlined car,
Fins like big, pointy leaves,
Eyes like the ace of spaces,
Skin as smooth as whipped cream.

Tom Earnshaw (9)
Wherwell Primary School


A head like an Otterhound,
Eyes look at the ground.
Neck is like a Cockatrice,
Body like a fleece.
Arms like metal,
Hands like a kettle.
Legs like a pole,
Feet like a mole.
As purple as a plum,
As rough as some scum.
As prickly as a carpet,
Smell like an armpit.


Head’s as smooth as its skin,
Claws as prickly as a pin,
Body’s as rough as the grass,
Soon you will see it pass,
It goes as fast as the wind.

Sam Wheeler (9)
Wherwell Primary School


My Mum has eyes like ruby emeralds,
Her hair is like threads of smooth, brown silk.

She has ears that are the sun,
A smile like a tulip.

Her voice is the smooth, soft wind
And her laugh, like a bubbling stream.

She is the sun, stars and sky,
And all the happy things that go by.

She is a sparkling oasis,
In the middle of a dry, hot desert.

Jes James (9)
Wherwell Primary School


My Mum’s eyes are like black dustbin bags,
She falls asleep and snores all night.
She tells me off all the time
But like all Mums
Deep. deep down they are all kind.
My Mum has smelly feet,
She has a nose like a pointed hat.
My Mum has a friend next door,
She talks a lot, but I don’t mind.
My Mum is very slim and likes cooking,
And when she talks to her friends,
I suppose they don’t think much about us,
That’s true, that’s true.

Shawn Mayfield (10)
Wherwell Primary School


I was walking to my school,
The teacher there was really cool.
Then she explained something to my head
And this is what she said:
Write the prayer, sing your best,
Always remember to wear your vest,
Do your maths, clean the file,
When visitors come in, remember to smile.
Wash your hands, don’t you talk
Go to assembly, always walk.
Read your book, always listen,
Behave like a shiny, sparkling gem.
Behave yourself, wash your hands,
Put up the metal music stands.
Do your work, always share,
Don’t you dare fiddle with your hair.
Eat your food, be polite
To all the dinner ladies that are in sight.
And when you have finished all those things,
For the rest of the day you can play.”
What now do we do?
I haven’t a clue,
I wrote it up And made a muck.
Eat your work, read your talk,
Teach the music stands how to walk.
Behave your book, be polite to your file,
Make the dinner ladies swim the Nile.
Wash your maths, sing your prayer,
To all the visitors, play with their hair.
Read your hands, clean your food,
Always remember to be in a bad mood.
Paint your hair, don’t listen
Always kiss the passing men.
Never share, never care
When you have one, sit on your pear.
Eat your work, share your hands,
Read your instrument in the band.
I think I got all those things right,
Well, 1 surely hope I did
Because I had the police round to my house,
But I’m a wimp, I hid!

Alice Burnfield (10)
Wherwell Primary School


I think there’s going to be a downpour,
I hate downpours.
I’m right, here comes the rain.
The rain makes me feel glum.
Now I am ready for a day of being bored.
Oh no, no, Sooty! don’t shake near me.
Now I feel glummer
I’m wet
I’m bored
. . . and it’s raining.
No Benny, I’m not playing splashing in puddles with you!
Now I’ve got a crying baby brother.
I’m wet
I’m bored
. . . and it’s raining.
Oh now I do hate the rain!

Charlotte Christison (9)
Western CE Primary School


Soft sparkling snow sprayed on the street,
Sledging on the snow, speeding down the lane.
Magnificent, marvellous mountain of snow,
Mild and misty, windy and wild.
Fabulous, fantastic flakes of snow
Floating, falling down, flat on the ground.
The whirl of white snow, wonderful to watch
Wander out in the cold, white world

Isobel Coulson (9)
Helen Wilkins (9)
Clare Childs (9)
Wherwell Primary School


The soft snow sparkles in the sunlight,
It is strange and still at night,
At day time people go sledging
And snowmen start to appear.
People wear soft scarves, and gloves
To keep them warm from the slushy snow,
People go skating,
Over the hills and far away.

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