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Year 2013

Eleven editions of the village magazine, published in 2013.

Monthly editorials followed by links to PDF download files

Editorial by Carole Marits (December 2013)

Another year comes to a close. So much has happened in our community in the last 12 months, it would be difficult to list them all. We will all have our highlights and lowlights. In December there are even more events and opportunities to be with friends. In this month of celebration and sharing, spare a thought for those in the village who may be alone and may like a little company. May you all have fun, enjoy the events and take time for yourself. We will bring you the next village magazine in February.

Editorial by Tessa Youell (November 2013)

With the temperature outside at 18C and the leaves only just beginning to turn, it’s hard to think we’re nearing the end of October. However, the magazine’s full of Christmassy activities and cultural events – too many to mention here but do make sure to look at Diary Dates. And for Chilbolton residents in particular, the meeting on Saturday 23rd regarding the future of West Down is worthy of attention.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (October 2013)

Welcome to another jam-packed magazine. This month we have a good mix of reports and future events. Alongside the regular Parish Council and wildlife reports, you can read about the Flower Show and the Sports Fete and Dog Show. You can whet your appetite for next year by reading about Rydal or the rookie account of the Benefice walks. You can catch up with the search for a new vicar. This is the season when the ‘C’ word appears, but there are no prizes for correctly ticking all TEN occurrences of ‘Christmas’!

Editorial by Euan Ramsay (September 2013)

The month when we put our summer holidays firmly in our memory banks while we get back to work, back to school or just back to our normal lives. And what choices we have to pick up those lives again with a range of exciting events in the area, from the Home Guard Club dance, the Chilbolton Harvest Festival lunch and a public meeting for Chilbolton residents to discuss the plans for the future of West Down and the joint Wherwell & Chilbolton website, to name a few. Do find time to get out and about before the wetter weather sets in.

Editorial by Carole Marits (August 2013)

As I write this we are enjoying our second week of great sunshine, we hope you have all had the opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather. August is the month where many of the local groups take a month off due to holidays. But we have many dates for your diary for September including the last fete of the Season at Wherwell and the not to be forgotten last night of the proms event. Both the Chilbolton Village hall and your village magazine are looking to grow their teams so look inside if you have some time to spare and support your local villages.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (July 2013)

Welcome to another edition packed with news and events which reflect the vibrancy of life in our two Hampshire villages. At least the not-so flaming June has made our gardens look lush and colourful for our Fetes and Open Gardens last month. In July, there is the Red Cross Open Garden (21st), the Horticultural Members evening (23rd) and the Ladies BBQ (30th). For something different Wherwell Home Guard Club present an evening of accordion music (20th). Lastly, after a few years on other parts of the river, how lovely to watch the progress of a pair of swans with four cygnets near the Wherwell Long Bridge.

Editorial by Tessa Youell (June 2013)

As I write, flaming June feels a long way off. However, as you’ll see from the content of the magazine, fete frenzy is upon us. A harbinger of summer if ever there was one. An astonishing amount of effort is put into these events each year by the organisers and stall holders so let’s hope the sun is more forthcoming than of late.

Editorial by Euan Ramsay (May 2013)

Ah, the first slivers of spring peering through the long winter. Time to get out and about and blow away the cobwebs. As ever, our magazine has all the news and all the forthcoming events, and this year celebrates its 21st year in print! A big thank you to all involved over the years.

Editorial by Andrew Flanagan (April 2013)

‘Jam Packed’- that’s our magazine this month, 35 pages of articles, 29 pages of adverts and 4 colour cover pages. The articles have been submitted by 47 people, of whom about half are regular contributors. Thank you to everyone for making this magazine so diverse. And you, the reader, are you a dipper or methodical front-to-back person, or a start-in-the-middle person with Diary Dates?. Perhaps this month, you will rush to Jane’s Kitchen and try out the chocolate cake in time for Easter. Perhaps you will read the West Down debate, or the reports about our thriving School and Pre-school, or consider some of the appeals for help and information?. Whatever, best wishes for a Happy Easter and enjoy!

Editorial by Carole Marits (March 2013)

Thank you all for your contributions this month, we have lots of local activities going on during March so read on for all the details. From the wonderful movie ‘Quartet’ on the 1st March to the Easter services 31st there is something to appeal to everyone. Wanting to try something new? Have a look at the list of clubs and societies which use local facilities at the end of the magazine and get in touch to find out more.

Editorial by Tessa Youell (February 2013)

As I write, snow has tranquillised the countryside and transformed the brown January landscape into a scene of startling beauty – a brief if chilly respite from the ubiquitous mud of the last few weeks. At this time of year, when our energy levels, and our spirits, may be at a low ebb, it’s uplifting to read good news, in particular about the amazing feats of other human beings. This issue features a number of inspiring stories, revealing what remarkable people there are in our two villages. Among other goings-on which should help warm the cockles, Moviola is back, kicking off with a couple of great movies.

The magazine for January is published with the preceding December, as a double issue.

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Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)
Chilbolton & Wherwell Community Magazine (2013)

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